Come Visit!

Dear family and friends,

We would love you to come visit us! Here is some information:

How should I get from the airport to your apartment?

By Train (CTA)  
  • Cost: $2.25 per person
  • Takes you from either ORD or MDW to our apartment with a short (0.2 mi) walk
  • Time: 1 - 1.5 hrs
  • If you get lucky, you'll have seats with aisle space in which to prop your luggage. If you get unlucky, you'll be standing up the whole time. Google maps shows many routes, each of which will work. But if you have luggage I'd strongly prefer trains over buses, which means taking the blue line into the city, transferring to the red line at the Monroe stop, and getting off the red line at the Chicago stop, which is very close to our place. [Google Maps does usually show this route].
By Cab
  • Cost: About $45, including tip
  • Takes you from either ORD or MDW to our apartment
  • Time: 30-45 minutes, depending on traffic
  • I haven't tried Uber from the airport; I always just wait in the cab line. Cabs at the airport should all take credit cards, but I always ask as I'm getting in just to avoid any kind of "oh, sorry, the card reader is broken" scam at the far end. I don't know about AMEX specifically; I usually use a visa. Roughly 5% of Chicago cab drivers are crazy. ;-)
  • Parking Garage: You can park here:
  • Parking Cost: Per day, expensive.  However, let us know you're coming ahead of time and we can get discounted daily parking ($20/day)
I forgot my toothbrush.  Where can I buy a new one?
  • Potash, downstairs, or
  • Walgreens, two blocks away.
Where should we go out to eat?
  • We put together a list of suggested places to eat in this list.  Check it out!