Hawaii Recommendations

In no particular order:

Hanauma Bay for snorkeling

Ono Hawaiian Foods for authentic local food within [I think] walking distance from Waikiki(?) - NOTE: this place is definitely a dive, and you may have to wait to get in.

Maunawili Falls is the waterfall near my wife's family's house. LMK if you'd like an e-introduction to her family and they'd be happy for you to drop in and say hi before you hit the trail. :-) Please do note all the warnings about the mud.

North Shore - your plans already sound excellent.

Kailua Beach Park - My wife's family's local beach. You can get some shave ice at Island Snow if you get too hot. The Lanikai Loop is a nearby jog that Lauren and I take, but it's more of a "look at these ritzy rental houses" jog than "look at this beautiful water," so might not be as exciting. :-)

Pearl Harbor memorial is really well done but gets crowded through the day -- go early if you go. Bishop Museum is an interesting collection of Hawaiian history and artifacts.

I haven't been to the Polynesian Cultural Center, but I've heard from many folks that it's a good place for very "Hawaiian-vacation" things (luau, hula, etc.). It's run by the Mormon Church, which is -- unexpected? -- but from what I've heard it's basically just a good Hawaiian time...

For your unabashed tourist-time in Waikiki, the best spot I've found is Duke's. Get a table on the beach if you can, sit back, drink a Lava Flow or some other ridiculous thing, watch the tiki torches burn, listen to the talented local singer/guitarist who will doubtlessly be playing that evening. ... Can I join you on this trip? :-)

Finally, the name of that guidebook I kept recommending is Oahu Revealed. Turns out it *is* available on kindle. It might be a nice thing to have a paper guidebook as well, though.

Anyway, there's a ton of great stuff to do! Seriously, buy that book and start reading.