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Here is the documentation for the dresses that I'm looking at.

Dress #1: JCrew Robin
I like this dress for the following reasons.  It has a beautiful back and strap shape.  It is fantastic fabric.  It is the right level of detail vs. simplicity, e.g. very, very simple with a couple of really nice details (the buttons down the side, which by the way are the only way to get in and out of the dress.  There is no hidden zipper to cheat.  It's a long process, but makes dressing feel special, I guess).  Also it was on sale at JCrew, and also included a holiday promotion of additional percent off, which means that this dress cost me under $200.

Problems with this one include the cowl drape neckline, which I think is why this dress is not selling.  I have no patience for any type of top that needs adjusting, and this cowl is going all sorts of places.  I would also need to bring up the hem.  However, if the cowl neck were to be a gather down the middle instead (e.g., a sweetheart neckline), then I think it could be great.  I like the idea of a JCrew dress that has been modified, so there is literally no one else who has this dress.